Triangular Church in Bolshaya Svorotva

Triangular Church

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In 1823, on the outskirts of the village of Bolshaya Svorotva, where the road to Molchad starts, a triangular church with an entrance on each side was built of rubble stone and brick by Jacob Nezabytovsky. According to historians, the concept of the church was to have representatives of three Christian religions, Orthodox, Catholic and Uniate, pray at the same time, and the altar was in the middle of the prayer hall.

Triangular Church

In its place there used to be a wooden church built in 1747 by Nikolay Ovsiany, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania’s Treasury clerk.

The church is a centric three-cornered two-level structure with a hipped roof and an onion-shaped dome. The corners are marked by columns and rustic panels, the axes of the facets along the tiers are broken by window openings with deep niches in the thick walls (up to 1 metre thick).

Triangular Church

In 1943, the church was burnt down. 2006 saw the restoration of the church which was supported with donations from the fellow-villagers. The restored church was consecrated in 2009.





Geographic coordinates: N 53° 22' 24,62" E 25° 46' 02,12"

Foto: Елены ЮРКЕВИЧ, Владимира ЗУЕВА, Андрея ПОНОМАРЕВА, Татьяны ГРИНКЕВИЧ