Farm «Veselyi Krolik» (Merry Rabbit)

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    “Merry Rabbit”, which is both an agricultural estate and a farm, lies in one of the most beautiful corners of Baranovichi dsitrict, in the hamlet called Podkrynitsa. The guests may have at their disposal 3 log cabins to stay at, a well-appointed pavillion to have meals outdoors, a children’s ground with play areas and natural food produced on the farm. On the farm there are 2 ponds, one of which is a home for beavers.


    • Город: хутор Подкрыница
    • Область: Брестская область


    • ФИО: Манжос Дмитрий Валерьевич
    • Телефон: в Беларуси + 375 29 282 3852 , в России +7 965 146 32 05 (Татьяна)

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