A boulder with a fossil imprint


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In the vicinity of the village of Padgornaya, in the Forest Morgach, there is a unique boulder with a fossil imprint. The local people call it the Holy (the Epic Hero’s) stone. It is the only cult boulder with a fossil imprint found in Baranovichi district today.

Its dimensions are 1.5 m. x 1.8 m, its height being 0.8 m.



In shape, the boulder resembles a stupa with a hollow in the middle, at the bottom of which ithere is a full-sized human footmark.

A legend says that the footmark was left by the Mother of God trying to escape from King Herod.

Another legend states that the Epic Hero, who was fighting evil enemies, involuntarily stepped on this stone following which his strength increased tenfold and he won.

Modern scientists say that it is an ordinary boulder with a fossil imprint which was worshipped by our ancesters in old times. And really, not far from the boulder an ancient settlement has been found which existed between the 1st millenium B.C. and the 1st millenium A.D. According to different scientific theories, the hollow in the boulder could have been the the pagan priest’s seat, or it could have been an ordinary sacrificial altar where gifts were laid.


Historical documents mention that in the past centuries Christian piligrims on their way to the miracle-working icon of Our Lady of Zhirovichi would always pay a visit to worship this boulder.

Geographic coordinates: N 53° 01' 430" E 25° 45' 225"

Foto: Владимира ЗУЕВА, Андрея ПОНОМАРЕВА, Татьяны ГРИНКЕВИЧ