The Battle of Palonka

Памятный знак в честь сражения Русско-польской войны 1654—1667 гг., состоявшегося 28 июня 1660 года

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A memorial sign is erected near the village of Palonka on the site of the battle between the troops of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and Moscow State in the war of 1654-1667, known as “The Flood”. Every second citizen of Belarus died in this war, and in Moghilev and Viciebsk regions only 20 people survived of every hundred. This is how the chroniclers describe the events of that time.


Koldychevo Concentration Camp

На 15–м километре шоссе Барановичи — Новогрудок, 3 июля 2007 года торжественно открыт мемориальный знак «Стена плача».

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In March 1942, on the territory of Baranovichi district, not far from the village of Koldychevo, 20 km from Baranovichi a concentration camp was built.

To this end, the Koldychevo estate formerly belonging to the Shalevich family was converted.


Memorial Complex «Forest Gai» in Baranovichi

The tract of Gay

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On the outskirts of the town of Baranovichi, in the Forest Gai, stands a memorial complex dedicated to the victims of war.

In late June 1942, special trains brought Czechoslovakian citizens and their families from the town of Terezín to the railway station of Baranovichi. They were taken from the town to the Forest Gai where they were shot dead.