Hutorok «Zatishie» (Little Hamlet Quiet)

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The agricultural estate “Little Hamlet Quiet” is situated on a rising ground in a pine forest close to which flows the River Molchad, exceptionally clean and a home for various fish including trout. For more than 450 years, the handsome giant oak trees have been the decoration and protection of the estate.

Guess can be accommodated in 4 rooms of an an old-age house built in 1912, which, besides all other mod cons, has a real Russian stove with a stove bench.

Picking berries and mushrooms, bathing in the river, hunting, fishing, having corporate events, parties and familiy gatherings – all these activities are offered to you by the agroecotourist estate “Little Hamlet Quiet”.


  • Город: д. Сорговичи дом 51
  • Область: Брестская область, Барановичский район


  • ФИО: Санюкович Владимир Васильевич
  • Телефон: +375 (029) 641-25-95

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